The Kugatsu Karate-Do is a member of the Scottish Karate Governing Body and Shuko-Kai International.  The Club implements the Scottish Karate Governing Body Child Protection Policy.
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Teaching Shukokai Karate in Glasgow since 1995


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The Kugatsu Karate-Do, like most karate clubs and associations, requires its students to sit a grading (or practical examination) in order to progress through the belt structure.

We have an established grading syllabus (a copy can be found in the Members' Area) which is reviewed on a regular basis.  Generally speaking, before sitting their grading students must satisfy a number of pre-determined criteria:

- they have have the required number of attendances
- the minimum time interval between gradings  
- they have the approval of their instructor (we do not like to set students up to fail)

There are normally four dates set aside each year, i.e. one in March, September, June and December, where JUNIOR MEMBERS who meet the grading criteria can present themselves to be tested.  Generally our SENIOR MEMBERS will sit their gradings on an adhoc basis subject to them meeting the grading criteria.  Information about grading fees can be found in the Kugatsu Karate-Do grading syllabus.

Outlined below are the basic requirements for students to progress through the Kugatsu Karate-Do belt structure.