The Kugatsu Karate-Do is a member of the Scottish Karate Governing Body and Shuko-Kai International.  The Club implements the Scottish Karate Governing Body Child Protection Policy.
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Teaching Shukokai Karate in Glasgow since 1995

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We welcome students of all ages and abilities.  Providing that you are of school age or older (there is no upper limit) and there are no medical or other reasons why you should not participate in a karate class then why not give it a go.

New members are welcome to join us throughout the year: we do not have classes specifically for beginners.  All new members are welcome to join in all of our classes where the activities will be tailored to meet the individual needs of the students participating.  One of the central aims of the Kugatsu Karate-Do is that students train because they want to and because they enjoy it – not because they are forced to attend.

We constantly aim to create an atmosphere where students feel that they can contribute to the running of the club (by providing constructive feedback), where they feel supported and where they feel that they are part of the Kugatsu Karate-Do.  

At the Kugatsu Karate-Do, students are offered the opportunity to train in both Traditional Shukokai Karate and Sport Karate. It should be noted, that there is no expectation that students participate in Sport Karate, i.e. competition karate.

The Kugatsu Karate-Do implements the Scottish Karate Governing Body Child Protection Policy.

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