The Kugatsu Karate-Do is a member of the Scottish Karate Governing Body and Shuko-Kai International.  The Club implements the Scottish Karate Governing Body Child Protection Policy.
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Teaching Shukokai Karate in Glasgow since 1995


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A Typical Class

All classes at the Kugatsu Karate-Do are designed to be appropriate to all ages and grades; each class will always begin with a light cardiovascular warm-up and stretching session.

Classes will then be structured to include a selection of the following activities:

-  Basics techniques (Kihon)
-  Combinations (Shukokai and advanced free-style)
-  Impact pad-work
-  Focus pad-work
-  Kata (Forms)
-  Kumite (Sparring), both pre-arranged and free form
-  Self-defence
-  Karate orientated stamina and fitness work

Most classes will contain the practice of basic techniques, impact pad-work, kata and kumite. Over a period of four weeks or so, students can expect to cover all of the above providing that they train on a regular basis.

Like most physical activities, the more a student practices the quicker they learn and improve on their technique, fitness, skill and knowledge. I

It is recommended that students train (where possible and practical) a minimum of twice per week.

Please note that given the physical nature of karate training, there is a risk that students may sustain an occasional injury